Nautical wedding finds

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So I go back an forth with my opinion on themed weddings vs traditional ones. I love the both- and themed wedding have so much potential for creating a complete experience and having all these great little details. I think it might actually be easier to have a themed one than a classic one. Hmm.

Anywho, I started coming across several nautical bits that I really liked, so I slowly compiled a bunch of images for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure. Most of these are from Etsy, and a few things are pretty easy DIY projects.

I love these for wedding favors!

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Running Away with the Circus

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I love that such a playful theme can still feel elegant. How great are all the different upside-down umbrellas? I wonder how hard they were to find. I was completely taken by the giant red velvet curtain they were married in front of and all the funny hand-painted signs they made. They’ll make great keepsakes after the wedding too. See several more photos inside the post and from the original source, JLDesigns

Lotus Chandelier (decor for the wedding & then your home)

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From Graham & Green.

Favors as Decoration

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Is it possible to have too many flowers at a wedding? Make your budget and your guests happy by using your favors as centerpieces. These are a few ideas by the brilliant designers over at Martha Stewart Weddings« Read the rest of this entry »

A Dose of Happy

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Guestbooks with a little oomph

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I never know what to write in guestbooks- or even group birthday cards for that matter, so having a little prompt makes things a lot easier and butters your guests up to say more than they might have otherwise. I think it’d actually be great to mix the top two images into one- fitting the prompt cards into envelopes in a keepsake book so you don’t just have a pile of cards lying around waiting to get lost.  « Read the rest of this entry »

Vintage Inspired Earrings

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All of these darling little earrings are hand made by JewelryVixen on Etsy. I love how they’re either very simple and delicate or extremely ornate with impeccable little details. Did you notice the earrings with baskets filled with moss? Those little blue flowers would make a great “something blue” and a nice little pop of color on the big day.

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