Guestbooks with a little oomph

February 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

I never know what to write in guestbooks- or even group birthday cards for that matter, so having a little prompt makes things a lot easier and butters your guests up to say more than they might have otherwise. I think it’d actually be great to mix the top two images into one- fitting the prompt cards into envelopes in a keepsake book so you don’t just have a pile of cards lying around waiting to get lost. 

The open book you see there is another idea I LOVE. This couple kept up with a bunch of receipts, movie tickets and other paper knick knacks from their courtship and made a book on Blurb, adding lined pages for guests to write notes in- resulting in one spectacular keepsake book.

If you have an old typewriter, this is a really cute idea. Everyone gets a kick out of hitting the old keys- and when it’s all over, you can roll it up into a scroll and tie it with a beautiful ribbon or trimmings. If you’d prefer a book, try making a few small ones with a prompt on the cover like “Where do you see us in 25 years?” and then place them on the dinner tables where people will feel less rushed to write and will have more fun with it, passing it around and sharing stories.


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